Структурирование и оформление

Structuring and formatting

If you do not like to do scrupulous laborious work, want to save your time, not sitting with the instructions, get ready-made data, and do not to waste time – we recommend you to use an offer “Structuring and arrangement”.

Correctly formatted article – first step for successful publication.

There is basic form IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion), on which all the publishing are oriented (although requirements may differ). We do a structuring according to the form, and using another formatting, which are rarely implemented.

Not many people know, that mistakes in formatting of references may be a reason for refusing in publication. Process is labor-intensive and demands a high level of attention and accurateness. We conducting works formatting references according to requirements of APA 6 Edition. If you are interested in formatting according to other forms and requirements, we will fulfil your work on a high level, enough to give a list with tasks, or to instruct our experts to do it.

Experienced specialist need one day to structure and arrange the article. Just imagine, how many time you will spend to start everything from the very beginning, to understand everything, and do the job without mistakes.

We will do this instead of you, if you are ready to debate with a reviewer, protect you scientific thought, do not get distracted on preparatory part and technical rearrangement. We guarantee the quality of a structure and formatting, that is why in case of getting guidance from publishing house concerning corrections, all the refinements we will do for free.

If journals, that you are interested in, are differ with their requirements to article formatting, we recommend you to use a service “All-inclusive formatting for journals”.

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