Are you sure that your paper is in ideal condition and its scientific value is on the highest level? Or is your article dealing with a scientific problem that was not covered before or was its solution superficial?

Perfect, the half of the work is done, but even this not guarantee you the success in the first journal, where the article will be submitted. The long series of journal’s sites examination, identifying, which are not fake, comparison of journal’s indexation, writing of cover letters, registration in submitting systems and the negotiations conducting. This complex of actions is called the “submitting”.

Usually, this process may take from 2 to 5 hours in a day , during several weeks, that in case if work or study is not for everyone. Our company offer you to use the service “Submitting”, which is realized on a high level with our specialists. We conduct the negotiation process with the publishing house and we are responsible for correct formatting of an article – we do refinements, according to reviewer wishes, unmeasured number of times. That means, that we do everything to get acceptance or scientific arguments, if the article would be not accepted in the definite journal. For you to take part in scientific discussion and to prove you scientific correctness.

The service of submitting includes:

  • selection of the journals according to your requirements and the topic of an article;
  • the article formatting according to requirements of a journal;
  • submitting of an article to the journals;
  • negotiations conduction with the publishing houses by on behalf of the author;
  • informating of the customer with the unified report, where the answers from the journal and recommendations concerning work with the answers will be gathered;
  • support, including support with translators during the scientific discussion with the reviewers in order to protect the scientific thought, expressed in the article.

If you need the full complex of the activities – order a complex service of Submitting! Save your time and present it for you relatives. Trust us to represent your scientific interests in the most prestige referential databases – Scopus and Web of Science!

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