Работа с индексацией

Work with indexation

Service “Work with indexation” is suitable for you if:

  • You want to check the journal’s status in the database;
  • You are not sure in the reliability of a publishing house, where you are planning your publication;
  • Your journal was excluded from the database, but you need to correct the profile;
  • Data were indexated incorrectly and is neccesary to make edits in the profile;
  • You need to join your profiles, which by mistake were created several;
  • Your publication is lost, and does not reflected in the profile.

journals-stealers, which publish scientific materials of low-quality, undermine the authority of the worldwide famous scienometrics databases and journals from the Scopus, WoS, HAC, RSCI and others lists. That is why, lists of journals that are indexing with these databases, are updated constantly. Unscrupulous journals are excluded without fail and indexing stopped.

The statistic of pseudo-publications in the CIS-countries are scaring. Most of scientists spent time and money, but do not get the intended result. People, being afraid of frauds, but with the last hope, have repeatedly appealed to us in such cases. There is not always a decision, but we can help you to do indexation even in case of excluding your journal from the database.

Contact us in order to get consultation! We will check your journal whether it is in the database or not, and also we will perform our personal professional forecast concerning excluding it from the database.

Secure yourself and your scientific researches with the help of company «Publ.Consulting». «Publ.Consulting».

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