Подборка журналов

Selection of journals

If you:

  • want to publish your article in the good rated journal, which can correspond to your requirements and interests;
  • you are not going to wait for a publication 1-3 years;
  • you want to be save from marauding journals and swindlers.

Service “Journals selection” – is what you really need.

Database Scopus count more than 28 thousand of journals, WoS – 13 thousands. All the publications are divided on the categories depending on the sphere of scientific researches. Each journal characterized with definite scienometrics indexes, which are differently taken into consideration in different countries while titles attribution, PhD getting or takin part in competitions for grants.

Yes, not all of the journals are payed. But, in the free journals queues are long, and you may wait for publication for a years.
Are the any existing free publishing without queues in 3 years. Of course! But to find such a journals, to do all the criteria, to overcome the scientific disputes with reviewers in English, and to elaborate on the article several times not everyone can. And for scientist, who has not published his 5-10 articles of the Scopus\WoS level is unreal.

Each publishing determine the suitable frequency of editions. That is why, for publication in the journal, which has only two editions a year, you may wait for a long time. Of course, if you do not know the peculiarities and ways to get around these requirements. We know all this stuff! Moreover, we are ready to share!

Where the greatest danger in the selection of publishing house is hidden? This is, of course, stealer-journals, which not always can be recognized among “clear” journals.

Machinations in the sphere of scienometrics may occur on each step.

  • Dummy sites-clones are created, where the wrong information about journals is published, which allegedly contains in database;
  • Dishonest persons take money for peer reviewing, though they only submit the article to the journal;
  • They take money for guaranteed publications and then do not answer on requests and disappear from communication;
  • Such a situations may occur when the low-qualitative journal is included to the database;
  • Publishing house gathered many scientific articles for publications, people invest money, and a journal is excluded in a several month, because of inappropriate publishing materials for this database.

How to take into consideration all these factors and to choose journal that will be appropriate only for you? We know the answer on this question!

Moreover, we can not only select the variants of journals for publication according to your requirements, we will give you a hint, which journal would take your article with pleasure, and on which you should not spend time.

We recommend to offer this service together with “All-inclusive formatting for journals”.

If you need a help in submitting the article to the journals, we offer you an all-inclusive service “Submitting”.

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