Подбор соавторов

Selection of the co-authors

We offer you to use the service “Selection of the authors”, if:

  • You are looking for the lie-minded person.
  • You want to spend less on publication.
  • You need the help in conducting your researches.
  • You need the help of researcher abroad, in conducting your investigations.
  • You do not have your own investigations, but on the work of in the university the publication is needed.
  • You have an article and a wish to be published in journals of high quality, but you do not have an opportunity to fulfill all the payments.

Often the authors are united by their own, in order to conduct a study, and according to the results, they publish the scientific article as the co-authors.

However, another situations may occur, when the scientist does his work buy his own, and the article is suitable for publication in high rated journal, but a man has no opportunity to pay for all/, or for publication in free, but high rated publishing, is necessary to find the co-author with the huge experience and rate in scientific world.

Are you really should to refuse your dream to present your paper to the while world?

Some people contact us in order to select an author, who has his own paper.

We can help both sides to find the mutually beneficial decision.

The Publ,Consulting company assisting you in the search of the co-authors for scientists, who has the scientific paper of their own, and for those, who can do his best in investigation of the other author.

«Publ.Consulting» - we join the scientists!

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