Персональный консультант

Personal consultant

1. Consultation in uniqueness and editing of a text.

We recommend you to use this service if:

  • Your scientific materials have a low level of uniqueness;
  • You need to correct lexical and grammatical mistakes in the text;
  • Your article needs refinements;
  • You are planning to publish your articles by your own, and want to do independently all the stages needed.

Qualified specialists which works only with you, will explain you each action or process.

We will conduct a full auditing of your article and point out all the mistakes, which were made in the process of the article writing. We will give you an advice, how to improve your article in order to accept it for publication.

We will check the uniqueness of your materials and we will try to find a decision how to rise the scientific value of your investigation.

Pay attention, that this service is good for those, who wants to understand thoroughly all the stages of publication process, in order to publish by your own.

For example, you were informed that the uniqueness of your article is 87%, but the publishing house claims, that the index is not higher than 14%. Are you worried about this situation and do not know what to do? We will explain you everything, and tell how to use the anti-plagiarism programs in order to avoid such a situations!

It is better to understand all the peculiarities, than to repeat the same mistakes constantly. Think about the perspectives of your scientific activity.

Personal consultant will give you all the information and find a right decision!

2. Consultation on scienometrics databases.

We recommend you this service, if:

  • You never heard about the scienometrics databases, but you need a publication;
  • You are publishing first time;
  • Your university changed definite requirements to scientists, and, as a result, you do not know, where you need to publish your scientific materials;
  • You are doubting in correctness of a database choice;
  • You have published already, but some problems connecting with publication appeared (publication was not accepted, the journal was not in the database);

Today exist many scienometrics databases: Scopus, Web of Science, HAC, RSCI, ERIH+, PubMed, IndexCopernicus, CrossRef, OAIJ and other.

The choice, which the scientist should made, is very difficult. It is important to take into consideration the diversity of aims – to get the PhD, to take a doctorate, to share with the world your scientific idea, and all the requirements needed, which in all the countries are different. In some countries, for example, the same database may be accepted as a base working humanitarian disciplines, and the publication on technical discipline would be useless.

We have an experience in working with different databases, that is why we know, how to take into consideration all the peculiarities and nuances. We will give you an advice, is it necessary to overpay for the article in Web of Science, or you can to publish in Scopus; we will select a journal of the quartile that would be appropriate only for you.

Personal consultant will perform you all the information needed and find the right decision!

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