We offer you a service “Translation” if:

  • You do not know English or you know it but on a low level;
  • You know English very well, but do not want to get a refusal in publication because of unqualified translation, because of special terminology and other peculiarities of your discipline;
  • The journal reported you about the article acceptance, but asked about the translation improvement;

Writing of topical author’s article does not guarantee the publication in the rated edition. It is not a secret, that the translation of a scientific article influence the result of the publication process, and is a stage of a great importance. Unqualified translation – first reason of refusal in publication! Most of our clients contact us after the refusal in publication, because of unqualified translation.

Do you know English on a high level? Do not refuse the translation service. In Russian language, there are many figures of speech, metaphors, collocations, which are not usual for English language. Moreover, the scientific articles are differ with the specific terminology and other peculiarities. While translation is necessary to convey the meaning of the investigation accurate as much as possible.

We offer you a service of qualified translation in two stages:

  1. Specialist in your discipline will make an academic translation of your article;
  2. The native speaker makes a proofreading;

This method provides the quality increasing and makes you closer to your main aim – the publication of your scientific article.

Do not risk, do not be afraid of refusal in publication because of unqualified translation. Rely on experts in this the business and enjoy the result.

Often we do the translation into the English language, but we have an experience of translation into other foreign languages. You questions and wishes leave in request. We will follow your recommendations and wishes!

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