Конвертация в формат LaTex

Conversion to LaTex format

Scientific materials, especially in technical disciplines, often contain formulae, graphics, tables, which reflect the results of scientific researches. Most of scientists are working in the Word format, because it is comfortable and convenient. But for the standards and norms following for publication, is necessary to convert the article in format LaTeX. This format provides correct reflection of all the additional forms in scientific paper – graphics, tables, formulas, calculations.

The system has following possibilities:

  • algorithm of putting hyphens, definition of spaces between words and text balance in paragraphs;
  • automatic generation of the content, list of illustrations, tables;
  • mechanisms of work with the referential on the formulas, tables, illustrations, number or page;
  • mechanisms of citation of bibliographic sources of the paper, and the bibliographic files;
  • arranging of illustrations with its automatic signature and numeration;
  • formatting of mathematic formulas with the possibility of multi-line formulas and multi-variant mathematic symbols usage;
  • formatting of chemical formulas and structured schemes of molecules;
  • formatting of graphics, schemes, diagrams;
  • formatting of algorithms, source texts of programs (which may be included in the text directly from own files) with the syntactic lightning;
  • division of the document on the separate parts (thematic card).

We recommend to use the service “Conversion to LaTex format” not only for specialists in technical spheres, but all the authors in other spheres.

“Conversion to LaTex” – is the key for qualitative, professional formatting of the text for the scientific publication. And if you use the mathematic formulas in the article, you need it obligatory.

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