Аудит статьи

The article auditing

The auditing conducting of your scientific material is the obligatory initial stage of the work, without it there is no sense to publish an article. It is because of strict requirements of the journals on the material for publishing. If you do not know whether the level of your article’s uniqueness is sufficient, corresponds it to the main norms of formatting, length and structure of an article – to submit an article to the journal is too late, because you may get a refusal, in terms of non-compliance with the minimal requirements.

We conduct auditing during one day. All you need to do – is to send us your scientific material on e-mail.

Before, if you want, we can draw up a contract about savings of your author’s rights and non-disclosure of information.

The service “The article auditing” is necessary for you, in order to:

  • define the uniqueness level of your scientific materials, and the article’s correspondence to the main requirements of international journals;
  • To get the full report about the estimation, together with an offer to collaborate further: the price and terms of publication will be formed together with the list of journals for your article publishing;

As a result – you get a detailed report on our corporate form with stamps and seals, in which all-necessary information concerning decision about you further publication will be given. This is a kind of “road map”, which allows you to make your article perfect!

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