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About us

“Publ.Consulting” – your best assistant in sphere of scientific publications.
We help scientists to publish independently.

Owing to multiple-year experience in the world of scientometrics we know all the nuances and peculiarities of work with international databases and journals from the list of Scopus, Web of Science, ERIH+,PubMed, Index, RISC, HAC., Copernicus, CrossRef, OAIJ and others.

Most of companies, which are dealing with scienometrics, undertake all the tasks concerning publications, not taking into consideration the clients’ wishes. In such a way, they deprive the right of scientific choice, and reduce the possibility of scientific self-expression. The material is standardized usually, in order to publish in ordinary journals.

We give an opportunity not to order the full complex of services for publishing a scientific article, but to use only those options, which may help you in independent publication.

Our specialists will provide you a competent consultation, owing to which you will be able to correct all the mistakes by your own, and, as consequence, to reduce your expenditure.


That is why, company “Publ.Consulting” is ready to be your personal consultant in the process of a scientific article publication!

Often in the process of preparation for publication, most of scientists make mistakes in formatting, translation, cover letters, chose of journals for publication of scientific paper etc. Exactly in this, but not in the fact that scientist decides to submit his scientific materials to the journal, is the reason of refusing in publication. Other situations may occur: everything is made correctly, but scientist is waiting for publication for a long time, because a journal accepted the article now, but its turn for publication is in three years.

In order to avoid such a situations, and not to repeat the colleagues’ mistakes, you need us!

-1. Don’t you know how to choose a database and journal for publication or why Index Copernicus is suitable for Ukraine and Uzbekistan, but not suitable for Kazakhstan? And also why the Impact Factor 2 is always better than Impact Factor 50?

The choice of publishing houses is great. But each researcher has its own aims: to get PhD, to get a scientific degree, to share with the world your scientific idea. That is why is very important not to send the article in thousands of internet-publishings, but to be more professional in this issue.

In addition, in all the countries requirements to applicants for the academic degree are differ. Yes, we will give you a clue how not to overpay for the article in the Web of Science, if the publication in Scopus is suitable.

Being aware of all the details, we will choose an appropriate variant in order to correspond to your request!

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+2. Did you know that you need a publication, but you do not have an experience in writing the scientific articles?
+3. Don’t you want to waste your time on structuring and formatting?
+4. Have any problems with translation?
+5. Are you worry about your journal excluding from database?
+6. Do you need the co-author for your scientific paper?
+7. You were trying to publish by your own, but get an refuse many times?
+8. Do you have any other questions or you need the turnkey publication?



We are professionals in the sphere in scienometrics and were are ready to share our experience with you.


Публикация научных исследований в наукометрической базе данных Scopus без длительных переговоров с журналами и проблем с индексацией статьи


Опубликуйте свою статью в крупнейшей наукометрической базе данных с гарантией индексации


Get the correctly formatted article with the high guarantee of its journal's acception


Publication of technical article or article with the variety of formulas is impossible without this service


Publish your article in the good rated publishing. Do not wait for a publishing 3 years. Protect yourself from journals, that can steal your paper.


Index the article in the Scopus and other databases, to join the profiles, if your article was wrong reflected on the site or attributed to another person. We can help with this.


Do not risk, do not be afraid of refusal in publication because of unqualified translation. Rely on experts in this the business and enjoy the result.


Probably, journals, which you are interested in, are differ in requirements to formatting of the article or if the information you have about the journal is not enough, we recommend you to use a service “All-inclusive formatting for journals”.


Do not worry any more about the negotiations with the publushing houses. Do not write the letters any more!

This complex service includes:

  • selection of a journals;
  • article formatting;
  • article submitting to the journals.

Publ.consulting company helps in the search of co-authors for scientists, who have the scientific work of their own, and for those, who are ready do his best in investigations of other author.


Personal consultant will give you all the information needed, and will find the right decision. A service is appropriate for those, who prefer individual approach.


If in your university “are measuring with h-index” – we can help you to make it bigger than others have!


The service of the article auditing – is the complex estimation of your scientific material, which allows you to define the level of its uniqueness, the necessity to do refinements and edits: price, terms and correspondent to your topic journals.

Choose us. Why?

«Publ.Consulting» – The best independent publication!



Company management and specialists have an multi-years experience in the sphere of publications. Its practical application helps to solve all the tasks in science, without dependence on the level complicity and the database chosen. We are ready to share with you!



We consult and publish scientists and the high management of the world’s university. Also we are positively recognizable in production companies of chemical, pharmaceutical and building industry. People trust us, and we can confirm it, by giving you real contacts of satisfied clients from your university and city.



In the year of 2018 we assist with the publication to more than 4000 of scientists. Ordering a full complex of our services the percent of refusal is less than 2 % . The highest index of impact factor of a journal ( Web of Science ), where published the scientists with our help is 7,65. Hi-index of A. Einstein is 38, and one of our clients – 21.



Company can implement your work partially. You do all the works that you can by your own. In case when you do not understand something in your paper or do not know how to do it, we will help you. We give you an opportunity to show your abilities while preparing. You have an economy, and, in addition, we will do all the stuff you do not like.



Our approach is professional and we do not afraid of responsibility. If the publishing house will have any comments concerning the paper, which were written by our specialists, we will do all the refinements needed for free.